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    水面张力作文|水面张力 英语作文

    发布时间:2020-10-09 19:10

    一天,爸爸叫我打水给他喝。我去的时候,给爸爸打了一大瓶水,看见水都超出了瓶口描写桃花的作文,爸爸,快来帮我一下。”我说。于是,爸爸走过来描写桃花的作文,问:你知道为什么水都已经超过了瓶口,却不会溢出来呢?”我听了,用怀疑的眼光看着爸爸,接着,爸爸说:是因为水到在瓶子的表面会产生一种张力高中作文,这种张力是往中心的,因此我们看起来以为水会溢出来,其时不是。”One day, my father asked me to fetch water for him. When I went, I gave Dad a big bottle of water, and saw that the water was beyond the mouth of the bottle, "Dad, come and help me." I said. So Dad came up and asked, "do you know why the water has passed the bottle mouth, but it will not overflow?" I listened and looked at Dad with suspicion. Then Dad said, "it\s because when the water comes to the surface of the bottle, there will be a kind of tension. This tension is toward the center, so we seem to think that the water will overflow. At that time, it\s not."我听了是懂非懂,原来水为什么在超过瓶子口的地方却没有流下来的原因描写桃花的作文,就是因为有表面张力。I understand. The reason why water doesn\t flow down beyond the bottle mouth is because of the surface te
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